Almapiz O.4

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This object is made to accompany you in various ways. Adapt the Almapiz to your current location, mood or need for a slight shift in perspective: Hang it on the wall and enjoy the view, fold it once to twice and take a seat where you've never sat before, or just lay it on the floor to rest on fully.

Barrio Aqui x Mariadela Araujo
Limited Edition: 42
Price CHF 800

Dimensions: 22x22x22 mm

* Recycled Cotton-blend from ... 
* Fine cotton yarn with a silky texture sourced from a small familly mill
* Orange details Recycled PET-Bottles
* White finished made banana fiber (Bananatex)

Craft: Handwoven by Mariadela Araujo in Barcelona, Spain. Please note that all Almapizes are Handmade and one-of-a-kind. therefore, your Almapiz can vary slightly.

Care: dry clean only
(Inspiration: Base)

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Sold Out 1: 12.12.2023 15:00 

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